For a moment I’m going to let myself feel it…

I shouldn't be petty. I shouldn't stoop to that level. I left you and with damn good reason. Two months ago, you were still texting me. Letting me know that you think about me often. That my picture still gives you butterflies. Today your new girl is posting cuddled up selfies of you two, of... Continue Reading →


Soul energy low, please unplug and recharge

I never truly realize how draining socialization is for me until I make the point of filling my calendar, get caught up in the social whirl, and then a few days in all I want to do is sit in my pajamas and speak to no one and do nothing. It's Sunday morning following an... Continue Reading →

alone but not so lonely

The girls have been gone since Friday on their yearly trip with their father to see family. I miss them a lot, but I can't help but feel that the timing of the trip this year is actually a bit of a blessing. Going through this time of searching, figuring out who I am again,... Continue Reading →

Just keep swimming

A blog I follow posted a gentle nudge to bloggers in general to keep writing. I thought about the dozens of excuses I tell myself about why I don't write. I'm too busy, have nothing to say, no one cares anyway. It's all bullshit and I know it. If I have time to peruse/post to... Continue Reading →

a work in progress

Every day I feel a little stronger. Every day I feel that I am once again coming to myself. I am not 100%, but I don't know what that would even look like. Every choice, every person that comes into and out of my life changes me. My thoughts are different; my dreams are different.... Continue Reading →

Lost and Found

I lost myself in you. Forgot who I was and the things I wanted. I compromised for the sake of love. You said I changed you, grounded you. In exchange, you threw me into chaos. Once I found my footing, I walked away on unsteady legs.      

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