In my mind you’re still Superman

I had a privileged upbringing. Not necessarily money wise. We weren't rich, but we weren't hurting either. We lived in a suburb in the Bronx, a nice house with a yard full of trees and a swing set. My maternal grandmother lived in the basement apartment happily spoiling her grandkids.  My father worked hard supporting... Continue Reading →


“I’m nothing but a repressed neurotic girl who is abnormally attracted to sin and therefore abnormally afraid of it.”

What does red lipstick mean to you? I've read articles that declare it's been used since ancient times to denote sexual availability, even promiscuity. I've read that women who wear red lipstick are approached more by men and seen as more physically attractive and receptive to advances. There was even an article I read that... Continue Reading →

Words on a blank page adding up to nothing…

I've started two short stories and have no idea where they're going. I've even considered combining them as the beginnings are essentially character sketches, setting up "who" and "where". Nothing is clicking as of yet and it's incredibly frustrating. I did start sketching again. It makes me feel somewhat productive to create something, a doodle,... Continue Reading →

A new beginning…

I dreamed last night that I was running, or at least trying to run. It felt more like slogging through hip deep mud. As I kept running I thought, "Why can't I do this?" I look at my legs, the ground, and see no real reason why I can't run freely. I thought about this... Continue Reading →

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