You know that creek in AZ that’s just rocks? …. You want to narrow that down a little.

I’ve been keeping my writing goal this week, but one thing I discovered is how hard it is to pick up a pen and write creatively after not doing so for a long time. The first night was like pulling teeth. The second time was a little easier, but only because after the first night I actually looked up writing prompts to help inspire me.
Years ago I used to write consistently. I had a group of friends that wrote as well and we bounced ideas off each other. We even collaborated at times. The words and ideas would flow like a river. If you’ve ever been to Arizona, you’d know we have plenty of “creeks” and “rivers” with no water in them. That’s what this experience has been like.
I know I have to have patience with myself, keep practicing and give it time. It is frustrating though, when I know what I’m capable of and yet it’s just not happening. So I sit and ask myself, how do I get inspired again? Do I take a walk, a day trip, a change of scenery? I’m reading books, listening to podcasts and music, people who’s words I admire. I think I need to not put so much pressure and expectation on myself. I’m not in the same place I was all those years ago. I need to breathe and trust the process.
If anyone is reading this, comment below and let me know how you find inspiration. What do you do to get the words flowing?


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