Words on a blank page adding up to nothing…

I’ve started two short stories and have no idea where they’re going. I’ve even considered combining them as the beginnings are essentially character sketches, setting up “who” and “where”. Nothing is clicking as of yet and it’s incredibly frustrating.

I did start sketching again. It makes me feel somewhat productive to create something, a doodle, a snippet of a story or idea, rather than just consuming ideas. I’m collecting the things I’m creating in an old composition notebook. It’s easy to take along and it makes it easy to swap back and forth between writing and drawing. I have to admit I’m terrible about writing on unlined paper. It feels unnatural. My sloppy handwriting becomes even more illegible.

sketch 2sketch one

I’m making a concerted effort to make more time/space for this. I’ve taken the Facebook app off my phone and downloaded a writing prompt app. I will admit a good portion of the prompts I skip. I’ve been listening to more music as that usually helps to inspire a flow of ideas.

My brain is just not cooperating. I feel like with the stress of the day to day lately, that it’s hindering my creativity. I really want to get away, even if it’s just an hour or two up north. Clear my head and gain some perspective.


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